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Reference CQR-8 Model SD3/WH

Slave shock sensor for CQR-7 analyser unit connection (a maximum of 2 units can be connected). 4 connection terminals. Maximum crystal range Ø4 m of diameter. Power supply is not required.

Reference CQR-7 Model SDTRAPPER/WH

Mass intertia shock sensor with analyser. Auto learn sensitivity control. Tri-colour LED status indication. Time window pulse count. False alarm discrimination. Slave Sensors: up to 2 shock sensors and/or magnetic contacts

Reference DEM-1277 Model CD 550

Shock detector for ceiling, wall, frames, windows, floor and door frames

Reference DEM-679 Model CD 500-R

Programmable shock detector with magnetic contact

Reference GE-99 Model GS620N

Autonomous inertial detector for mounting on ceilings, walls, frames and windows

Reference GARD-01 Model GARD-01

Self-contained piezoelectric seismic vibration detector

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