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Reference PAR-201 Model NV75M

16M Dual Mironel Optics Pet Immune Anti-Mask Detectors

Reference PAR-174 Model NV35MX

Dual curtain wired detector for windows and sliding doors with antimasking and pet immunity, Grade 3

Reference PAR-176 Model NV35M

Outdoor/Indoor Window and Sliding Door Dual Detector with Anti-Masking and Pet Immunity

Reference PAR-4N Model NV5

Double element IR digital detector. PEt inmunity up to 16 kg. Grade 2 EN50131

Reference PAR-37 Model DG467

360° Ceiling Mounted Digital Motion Detector

Reference PAR-70 Model 460

Vertical View Motion Detector

Reference PAR-43 Model DG75

High-Security Digital Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

Reference PAR-24 Model DG65

Quad Element Digital Motion Detector. Grade 2 according EN 50131

Reference PAR-19 Model DG55

Dual Element Digital Motion Detector

Reference GE-94 Model EV105

Detector volumétrico de infrarrojos pasivo

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