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Reference QAR-376 Model GD-PROG

Programming and monitoring module for QAR-375.

Reference QAR-374 Model ATCC-0-KIT

Car bracket for ActiveTrack with car charger.

Reference QAR-373 Model TAG30 COIN BLACK

TAG RFID Point for Round Controls ACtiveGuard and ActiveTrack. 125KHz. Ø30 mm. Currency format.

Reference EBS-3 Model EBS-3

Kit composed by GPRS tracker, power supply and programming kit

Reference QAR-369 Model HOLSTER.AT-0B

Polyester textile cover for QAR-366

Reference QAR-368 Model AGP3

PCB set, cable LX -DATA and two LX - PROG cables for QAR-366 programming

Reference QAR-367 Model ZAS5V-VDE-AT

Power supply switch of 5V DC /2A for Active Track QAR-366.

Reference QAR-366 Model QAR-366

GSM/GPRS/SMS/VOICE Active Track device with RFID function.

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