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Reference PAR-288 Model ES1

Sensor extender for flood detector via radio PAR-287 (WD1). It doesn't work as an independent product.

Reference PAR-287 Model WD1

2 way wireless flood detector. Selectable dual frequency: 433MHz / 868MHz. Status and battery monitoring. IP67. Powered by AA alcaline battery

Reference PAR-214 Model DCTXP2

Wireless magnetic contact of 2 zones in brown color. EN50131-2-6 Grade 2.

Reference PAR-289 Model PAR-289

Double technology courtain detector with wireless transceptor with Paradox for outdoors. 12 m range 7.5°. 24GHz microwave frequency, AND. Relay and tamper output. IP54. Low consumption.

Reference PAR-209 Model DCT6_BROWN

Magnetic contact via radio to embed. Brown. EN50131-2-6 Grade 2, Class II.

Reference PAR-208 Model DCT6_WHITE

Magnetic contact via radio to embed. White. EN50131 Grade 2.

Reference PAR-203 Model NV75MR

Dual PIR detector via radio 433/868MHz with dual Mironel lens, up to 16 meters. Pet inmunity, zero zone, antimasking. 2 AA alcaline batteries.

Reference PAR-191 Model NV780MR

Digital Outdoor Dual Side-View Detector with 4x Dual Sensors

Reference PAR-230 Model REM25-868MHZ-B

Two-way wireless remote control. 6 buttons , water resistant. 868 MHz frequency. Black color

Reference PAR-229 Model REM25-868MHZ-W

Two-way wireless remote control. 6 buttons , water resistant. 868 MHz frequency. White color

Reference PAR-192 Model SD360

Smoke detector via radio 868MHz for ceiling mount. 85dB siren. Test / mute button. 3 CR123A battery.

Reference PAR-175 Model NV35MR

Dual curtain wired detector for windows and sliding doors with antimasking and pet immunity, Grade 2

Reference PAR-162 Model SR130

Wireless outdoor siren with integrated strobe light

Reference PAR-64 Model SR150

Outdoors siren via radio. 868 MHz frequency. Grade 2

Reference PAR-63 Model 2WPGM

Radio module with 1 PGM output and 1 input zone. Frequency 868 MHz.

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