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Reference HYU-650N Model HYU-650N

IR Spotlight with vandal protection (12 led IR), high power of 100 meter range, 30º. IP66, IK10.

Reference SAM-4271 Model SAM-4271

Support column for infrared spotlights SAM-1827, SAM-1829, SAM-1830, SAM-1831, SAM-2056, SAM-2057, SAM-2058, SAM-2059, SAM-2060, SAM-2061, SAM-2571, SAM-2572, SAM-2573, HYU-475, HYU-476, HYU-477 and HYU-478.

Reference SAM-4270 Model SAM-4270

Column support for infrared spotlights SAM-1829, SAM-1830 and SAM-1831.

Reference SAM-4337 Model SAM-4337

IR spotlight, 9 IR LED of 20~100 meter range, 30º. IP65. 12V DC / 24V AC.

Reference SAM-4336 Model SAM-4336

IR spotlight, 4 IR LED of 10~50 m range, 60°. IP65. 12V DC / 24V AC.

Reference HYU-478 Model HYU-478

IR spotlight, 6 LED, 50 meter range, 30°. IP66. PoE power supply.

Reference HYU-477 Model HYU-477

IR spotlight, 6 LED, 40 meter range, 45°. IP66, IK10. Vandal protection. PoE power supply.

Reference HYU-476 Model HYU-476

IR spotlight, 12 LED up to 50m range, vandal protection, 60°. IP66, IK10.

Reference HYU-475 Model HYU-475

Spotlight with IR illumination of 6 LED. Vandal protection. 40 meters range, 45°. IP66, IK10.

Reference SAM-4313 Model SAM-4313

24 led array IR spotlight, 130 m range, 60°. IP66.

Reference SAM-4223 Model SAM-4223

Column bracket for IR spotlight SAM-1829

Reference SAM-4222 Model SAM-4222

Column bracket for IR spotlight SAM-1829

Reference SAM-3951 Model SAM-3951

IR illumination spotlight. 8 led IR, 35 m range, 60º. IP66

Reference SAM-2573 Model SAM-2573

White light, 80 meters, 45 ° aperture

Reference SAM-2572 Model SAM-2572

White light, 60 meters, 45° aperture

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