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Reference DEM-1279 Model DEM-1279

Rain cover for curtain detectors PAR-289, DSC-128, VISONIC-177 and DEM-1078.

Reference DEM-1278 Model DEM-1278

Double technology curtain detector with antimasking for outdoor use. Range of 12 meters 75 °. Microwave frequency 10.525GHz, AND / OR operating mode. Relay output, antimasking and tamper tamper. IP54.

Reference PAR-207 Model PE-4

Horizontal curtain lens L1 for PAR-20 (PMD85) and PAR-27 (DG85)

Reference PAR-135 Model NVX80

Outdoor IR detector with double technology with antimasking. EN50131 grado 3

Reference PAR-50 Model CU-4 L2

Vertical curtain lens for DG 85 and MG-PMD 85

Reference PAR-26 Model SB85

Heavy duty Outdoor Swivel Bracket

Reference QAR-210 Model QAR-210

Articulated wall bracket for QAR-198 detectors

Reference QAR-199 Model QAR-199

Wall/corner ball-and-socket support for detector QAR-198

Reference QAR-197 Model QAR-197

Detector for outer spaces with double microprocessed synchronized infrared. Range: 12 m, 110°. Immunity against small animals <20Kg. Selectable pulse counter. Completely impervious circuit by coating

Reference QAR-198 Model QAR-198

Triple technology detector for outdoor. Dual infrared, microwaves at 10.525 GHz. and artificial intelligence. Range: 12m x 12m. Immunity against small animals <20Kg. Optimum mounting at 2.2m height

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