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Reference CQR-17 Model PASP1/SS

Single push panic button. Key resettable. 5 screw terminals. Made of stainless steel. Selectable for NO/NC. Indicator to show activation. EN50131 Grade 1, environmental class II.

Reference CQR-4 Model PADP3/SS/BK

Anti-theft push button with interlock via double selectable button as NC or NA. Unlocking by key. Indicator to show activation status. Tamper with selectable EOL resistance. Resettable key. Screw to secure the front cover. Easy cable entry. Metal case. EN50131 Grade 3, Environmental class II.

Reference DEM-677 Model HB 205

Panic button, with a button that does not remain

Reference DEM-1040 Model ELM-PA-KEY

Wrench (1 unit) for DEM-1039 pushbutton

Reference DEM-1039 Model ELM-PA-G3-W

Double panic button with EOL resistors

Reference DEM-109 Model DEM-109

Raid alarm pusher NA. - Raid alarm pusher NA.

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