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Reference DAHUA-1384 Model HAP220S

Omni-directional anti-vandalism microphone for interior. Scope 5 ~ 100 m². IK10. 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-1383 Model HAP320-V

Omnidirectional antivandalic microphone suitable for outdoor use. Scope 10 ~ 150 m². IP66, IK10. 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-1382 Model HAP120-V

Omnidirectional antivandalic microphone suitable for outdoor use. Reach 5 m. IP66, IK10. 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-1381 Model HAP320

Omnidirectional microphone Scope 10 ~ 150 m². 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-1380 Model HAP120

Omnidirectional microphone. 10~70 m² range. 12V DC.

Reference SAM-4072 Model SAM-4072

Omnidirectional microphone. 5~150 m². 12V DC

Reference DAHUA-1082 Model HAP300

Omnidirectional microphone. Range: 5 ~ 150 m². 12V DC

Reference DAHUA-1081 Model HAP200

Omnidirectional microphone. Range: 10 ~ 100 m². 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-643 Model PFM140

Omnidirectional microphone. 5~40 m² range. Lightning-proof. 12V DC.

Reference SAM-2738 Model SAM-2738

External microphone for HD-CVI cameras

Reference CTD-254 Model CTD-254

Hidden microphone in smoke detector

Reference SAM-809 Model SAM-809

High sensitivity ceiling microphone and noise rejection

Reference SAM-128 Model SAM-128

AirSpace external microphone, attachable to any camera. 12V DC

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