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Reference PROT-12 Model PROT-12

PROTECT 2200i™ fog cannon for 300 m², up to 2.700 m³ fog/minute

Reference PROT-11 Model PROT-11

PROTECT 1100i™ fog cannon for 144 m², up to 1.300 m³ fog/minute

Reference PROT-10 Model PROT-10

PROTECT 600i™ fog cannon for 78 m², up to 700 m³ fog/minute

Reference PROT-9 Model PROT-9

PROTECT Qumulus ™ fog cannon for 44 m², up to 400 m³ of fog per minute

Reference PROT-7 Model PROT-7

PROTECT Xtratus ™ fog cannon for 28 m², up to 250 m³ of fog in 16 seconds

Reference PROT-8 Model PROT-8

PROTECT Foqus ™ fog bar for 12 m², up to 200 m³ of fog in 25 seconds

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