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Reference QAR-262 Model QAR-262

GPRS transmitter. Encryption of data via AES standard. Sending SMS messages. 5,000 events. RS232 and RS485 interface.

Reference QAR-359 Model QAR-359

Repeater via radio. External antenna. 300 m transmission. 90 m reception. Pug&Play. 220 AC

Reference QAR-358 Model QAR-358

Vibration detector via radio. External antenna. Adjustable sensibility. LED indicator. 2x 1.5V batteries

Reference QAR-357 Model QAR-357

Flood detector via radio. External antenna. Independent wired sensor. LED indicator. 2x 1.5V batteries

Reference QAR-356 Model QAR-356

Glass breack detector via radio. External antenna. Low battery LED indicator. 7 m detection distance. 12V power transformer included.

Reference QAR-355 Model QAR-355

Gas leak detector via radio. Internal antenna. Incorporated antenna. 110V~220V AC

Reference QAR-346 Model QAR-346

IR barrier via radio, for outdoors. Intern antenna. Distance protection of 6m..

Reference QAR-343 Model QAR-343

PIR detector via radio (for ceilings). Intern antenna. Low battery LED. 360º detection, no dead angles. 2 x AA 1.5V LR6

Reference QAR-163 Model QAR-163

Connector to PC and to the station (QAR-155 /156 /147 /148) including the memory. It enables the reading and saving of schedules up to 4 stations.

Reference QAR-86 Model QAR-86

16-area station + 2 areas on keyboards (1 area per keyboard)

Reference QAR-124 Model QAR-124

Vocal messages unit to transfer to household phones

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