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Reference HYU-474 Model HYU-474

Remote control for HYUNDAI NextGen recorders

Reference HYU-398 Model HYU-398

Brack kit for 1U mount on HYUNDAI NEXTGEN recorders with 2 bay . Includes 2 rack mount brackets and screws.

Reference DAHUA-1578 Model MJHJ4P

4 channel mobile switch RJ45 10/100M with PoE for 4 IP cameras + 1 uplink port to connect mobile NVR DAHUA-1577 (MNVR8104-GFW) to convert it in an 8 channel NVR

Reference DAHUA-1230 Model HDD_BOX_ME-D

Removable HDD compartment with security key, for DAHUA-1576 (MNVR1104-GFW), DAHUA-1577 (MNVR8104-GFW) and DAHUA-841 mobile HCDVI (MCVR5104) NVRs.

Reference DAHUA-1238 Model HDD_BOX_MCVR62XX

Removable HDD compartment with security key, for DAHUA-1637 (MCVR6208-GFW)

Reference DAHUA-1588 Model MLED_BOX

Panic button for mobile NVRs (vehicle)

Reference DAHUA-1066 Model ARB1606

Desktop box of 16 in / 6 out of alarm. For DVR, HCVR, XVR DAHUA.

Reference SAM-2023N Model SAM-2023N

3G wireless modem. GSM, GPRS, EDGE. SIM slot.

Reference SAM-1861A Model SAM-1861A

3G/4G portable Wireless router

Reference SAM-2473 Model SAM-2473

USB Wireless Adapter with Detachable Antenna

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