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Reference CONAC-399 Model AS-215L1

VERITRAX administration software for AC-215 controller. Up to 64 panels. 128 doors.

Reference CONAC-484 Model MD-W11NHR

Access control wireless interface system. Transmitter unit.

Reference CONAC-745 Model MS-K825IP-E

Professional access control kit for SMEs. Includes 1 CONAC-626 4-port network access controller (AC-825IP), 4 CONAC-722 multi-credential CSN readers (AY-K6255), 2 packs of 25 MIFARE Classic 1K EV1 CONAC-732 cards (AT-C1S -000-E000) and 1 Mini PC CONAC-747 (PC-Z64W-E) with Windows® 10 Home Edition and AxTraxNG® UltraLight software pre-installed and licensed.

Reference CONAC-485 Model MD-W11FHR

869MHz bidirectional radio interface. 12 / 24V DC / AC power supply. Double tamper

Reference CONAC-640 Model CONAC-640

Biometric reader with proximity reader. Up to 3000 prints. IP65. Free professional software included

Reference CONAC-478 Model AY-B4663

Mifare oval reader with fingerprint-reading sensor

Reference CONAC-367 Model AYC-F54

Convertible accesses control Keyboard (off-line/Wiegand 26bit). Protection degree IP68. Backlighted keyboard. Up to 500 users at an off-line mode. CONAC-373 power supply required. Dimensions: 121 x 71 x 30 m

Reference CONAC-375 Model AC-115

Accesses controller for 1 gate. It supports up to 2 Wiegand proximity reader and network cross-connection with a maximum of 8 controllers of the same kind. Capacity up to 2400 users with an optional monitoring software by PC via RS

Reference CONAC-352 Model AT32B

USER point, high durability. Covered by ABS, stainless steel and plastic. Portable and recyclable. 16-bit open encoding, manageable by local code with thousands and millions of combinations

Reference CONAC-345 Model GC-50

Remote communication station. Code programmable by the installer. Inner clock with back battery. Internal microprocessor with memory. It can receive data with a maximum of 32 reading units (256,000 simultaneous events)

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