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Reference DAHUA-2033 Model PFM351R-900

900W Dahua Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for rackmount mounting.

Reference DAHUA-2032 Model PFM351R-2700

Dahua UPS of 2700W for rack mount.

Reference SAM-4461 Model SAM-4461

Interactive line SAI of 850VA / 500W with LCD display

Reference DAHUA-1584 Model MUPS-02Li

UPS power supply for vehicle DVR / NVR. 20 minutes, 36W. Capacity of 5200 mAh.

Reference SAM-4374 Model SAM-4374

Interactive SAI line of 1000VA / 600W with LCD display

Reference SAM-4373 Model SAM-4373

Interactive SAI line of 650VA / 380W with LCD display

Reference SAM-4375 Model SAM-4375

Interactive SAI line of 1500VA / 900W with LCD display.

Reference DAHUA-1016 Model PFM350-360

SAI Uninterruptible Power Supply Line-Interactive. 600VA / 360W

Reference DAHUA-1015 Model PFM350-900

SAI Uninterruptible Power Supply Line-Interactive. 900VA 360W

Reference SAM-3542 Model SAM-3542

Mini UPS for CCTV cameras. Composed by 220V AC / 12.6V DC, 2A charger with charge regulation (special for Li-ION) and Li-ION battery with IN/out connectors

Reference SAM-2519 Model SAM-2519

Line Interactive SAI 600VA / 360W

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