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Reference SATEL-82 Model INT-KNX

Module for the integration of the INTEGRA system with the KNX system

Reference SATEL-77 Model INT-RS

RS232 interface for program integration with INTEGRA switches

Reference SATEL-75 Model RJ/PIN5

TCP-IP bidirectional cable for connecting the RS ports of INTEGRA panels

Reference SATEL-73 Model MSD-300

Combined radio and smoke detector for MICRA system

Reference SATEL-71 Model MMD-300

Magnetic radio contact for MICRA system

Reference SATEL-31 Model ASP-105 BL

Two way radio siren for outdoor use. EN50131 Grade 2.

Reference SATEL-35 Model ASP-205 R

Two way radio siren for interiors. EN50131 Grade 2.

Reference SATEL-34 Model ASD-100

Photoelectric smoke sensor via radio

Reference SATEL-32 Model ASW-100 E

Wireless controller of devices at 230V AC

Reference SATEL-25 Model ACX-201

Extension module of zones and exits via radio. Compliant with EN50131 Grade 2.

Reference SATEL-24 Model ACX-200

Extension module for zones and exits via radio for ABAX system. Compliant with EN50131 Grade 2

Reference SATEL-20 Model OPU-4 P

Polycarbonate enclosure compatible with Satel® central modules and extension modules

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