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Reference PAR-292 Model TM50WB

Wall mount for PAR-29L (TM50-WH+SOL) keyboard

Reference PAR-148 Model PAR-148

Grey frame for PAR-29L (TM50-WH+SOL) keyboard

Reference PAR-147 Model PAR-147

Blue frame for PAR-29L (TM50-WH+SOL) keyboard

Reference PAR-146 Model PAR-146

Purple frame for PAR-29L (TM50-WH+SOL) keyboard

Reference PAR-145 Model PAR-145

Red frame for PAR-29L (TM50-WH+SOL) keyboard

Reference PAR-144 Model PAR-144

Green frame for PAR-29L (TM50-WH+SOL) keyboard

Reference PAR-231 Model TM70

7" touch screen keyboard with built-in temperature sensor Built-in zone tamper Tamper SD slot (includes 4GB card) Color white. EN50131 Grade 3

Reference PAR-129L Model TM50-BL+SOL

Grade 3 touchscreen keyboard with integrated temperature & humidity sensors and blueprint license included. Black color

Reference PAR-29L Model TM50-WH+SOL

Grade 3 keyboard with touchscreen. Temperature & humidity sensorand blueprint license included. White color

Reference PAR-6N Model K32LCD+

LCD blue screen keyboard. 32 characters with anti tamper + entry zone switch. Grade 2

Reference PAR-32N Model K32+

32 zone led keyboard with anti tamper+ entry zone switch

Reference PAR-149 Model PAR-149

5 x color frame pack for PAR-29 keyboard

Reference PAR-125 Model PAR-125

Map license for PAR-29 (TM50)

Reference PAR-73 Model PA6

6Vdc Power Adapter Plug

Reference PAR-62 Model K37

LCD keypad 2 way via radio

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