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Reference SAM-4622 Model SAM-4622

Ratchet crimp for sub-D contacts.

Reference SAM-4248 Model SAM-4248

Compression coaxial cable crimper for BNC RCA RG59

Reference SAM-4268 Model SAM-4268

Crimper for network cable RJ11, RJ12, RJ45.

Reference SAM-4267 Model SAM-4267

Cable stripper for flat and round, compatible with cables RG-59/6/11/7

Reference SAM-4266 Model SAM-4266

Tool kit for installation of networks. Includes adapters for different types of cables.

Reference SAM-4265 Model SAM-4265

Round cut wire strippers for multi-conductor cable. Cuts O.D. cable up to 19.1 mm

Reference SAM-4264 Model SAM-4264

Round cut wire strippers for multi-conductor cable. Cuts O.D. cable up to 10.5 mm.

Reference SAM-4263 Model SAM-4263

Coaxial wire stripper used to strip round cables RG174 / 58/59/62/6 3C / 4C / 5C (Ø2,6 ~ 8)

Reference SAM-4262 Model SAM-4262

Flange tensioner from 2.4 to 9.5 mm with blade

Reference SAM-4261 Model SAM-4261

7-piece coaxial network tool case. Suitable for the preparation of custom cables, compatible with almost all standard sizes. Includes adapters for different types of cables and coaxial connectors.

Reference SAM-4259 Model SAM-4259

Telecommunication splicing crimping tool

Reference SAM-4258 Model SAM-4258

Special impact tool (punch) for KRONE cable

Reference SAM-4257 Model SAM-4257

Crimping cable coaxial for BNC, RG58, RG59, RG6.

Reference SAM-4247 Model SAM-4247

Crimper suitable for telephone and network connectors, 8P8C / RJ-45, 6P6C / RJ-12, 6P4C / RJ-11, 4P4C and 4P2C.

Reference SAM-4246 Model SAM-4246

Stripper for coaxial, with interchangeable blades compatible with RG-58/59/62 / 4C / 5C cables.

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