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Reference DEM-705 Model SIR05-TP

Rear tamper for detectors Atsumi DEM-701 and DEM-702

Reference DEM-704 Model PMK1

Kit for pole mounting detectors Atsumi DEM-511 and DEM-587

Reference DEM-703 Model SIR-TP

Rear tamper for detectors Atsumi DE-511 and DEM-587

Reference DEM-586 Model NR-200AQM

Cuadruple barrier (2+2 light beams). Synchronized. 2 groups x 4 frequecy channels. 200 meters range. IP66

Reference DEM-668 Model DEM-668

Relay and tamper junction box for DEM-662, DEM-663 and DEM-664 microwave barriers

Reference DEM-667 Model DEM-667

1 meter high column for DEM-662, DEM-663 and DEM-664 microwave barriers

Reference DEM-665 Model DEM-665

USB / RS485 Converter for microwave barrier programming for DEM-662, DEM-663 and DEM-664

Reference DEM-662 Model MW100K

Microwave barrier with a range of up to 100 meters. 24GHz. Addressable (256 channels). -40° C ~ 65 ° C. 12V ~ 36V DC.

Reference QAR-327 Model QAR-327

Digital Autonomous solar Illuminator for outdoors

Reference DEM-506A Model BH12T

Heater for weather barriers DEM-533A, DEM-534A, DEM-535A

Reference DEM-1030 Model ADT 700

Tester tool to install and test DEM-1029 detector

Reference DEM-1013 Model DEM-1013

Double beam synchronized barriers with spherical lens. 90 mts.

Reference DEM-817 Model SIMONE A

Empty siren case Simone model. Yellow case, blue pilot

Reference DEM-818 Model SIMONE R

Empty housing siren model Simone. Red housing, blue pilot

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