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Reference DAHUA-1660 Model VTM401

Lift controller module. Works with lift controller DAHUA-1659 (VTM416). Call to designated floor via indoor monitor. RS485 communication. Interface NA, NC, COM

Reference DAHUA-1659 Model VTM416

Elevator controller. Connection up to 1 Wiegand and 2 RS485 readers. Supports up to 8 devices in cascade, 128 floor permision. Alarm: 6 in / 2 out. 30.000 alarm reg and log. 60 call modules supported. Release of all plant permits in case of fire alarm. Remote control through web client.

Reference CONAC-731 Model AY-U910EU

Long range reader (12 meters) with integrated UHF.

Reference CONAC-728 Model SA-23-B4H

Four channel transmitter for CONAC-512 (ay-l23) receiver

Reference CONAC-512 Model AY-L23H

Long range reader (70 meters) RF card and remote control for outdoor use (IP65).

Reference CONAC-550 Model EXP-2016

Elevator Control Expansion Module for ExpansE Access Control System ROSSLARE

Reference CONAC-421 Model CONAC-421

- Loop detector hidden on the ground - To control vehicle presence in front of lifting barriers - Detection of iron mass by means of coil (loop) - It is not affected by temperature or environmental changes - Frequency aut

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