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Order formalization:

All the orders are going to be formalized by written document that must be sent to our office via fax or e-mail.
On that document, you must put your name, client code and product code you want to purchase, as well as the specifications you consider, as “reference order number”, “mailing address”, “delivery date”,ect.

Product delivery:

Orders higher than 900€ (net price), will be delivered with no shipment charge. For those orders under 900€ (net price), the client must specify the carrer company, or it will be shipped by our carrier.

If there’s a need of express delivery, air delivery,..... expenses will be on the client assuming the risk of it.

RMA procedure:

If there’s any product damage, refund or payment aplication, you must request an RMA, filling the RMA application form available at the “support” seccion of our web site:

We will not accept any package without a correct RMA number. You can read the conditions of our “repair service program” on the next link:


Damaged products will be delivered and send by client expenses. All the repairs with an expider warranty, will be charge with a minimum of 30 minutes cost of Technical Asistant (minimum cost of reparation). Minimum cost of repair will be charged if theres no damage on the product.

Technical assistance at our facilities:

By DEMES, S.L. warranty, covers manufacturing defects during 2 years from the date the product has been sold, with the exception of:

- Batteries, DVR and hard drives with manufacturer warranty
-TFT LCD or PLASMA monitors, the client has to contact the nearest oficial technical support

This warranty doesn’t include parts due to wear, batteries, electrical overload, storms and inapropiate use of the device.

ByDEMES, S.L. duty is limited to repairs or replacement without any extra cost if the device has had a proper use.

ByDEMES, S.L. has no obligation under this warranty if the product has been altered, improperly repaired or manipulate by somebody outside ByDEMES, S.L.
No other warranty, expressed or implied, merchant or by convinience for any particular purpouse of any kind, can’t be extended beyond the terms written on the avobe paragraph.

By DEMES, S.L. its not responsible of any consequences or acidental damage by neglecting of this one, or any other warranty, even for failure or negligence. By DEMES, S.L. has no responsability for any personal grievance, property damage or any other loss based on claims of product failure.

By Demes is obligued, directly or indirectly, of any loss or damage suffered under this warranty time, that not exceed the price of the product.
Technical assistance:

If technical personnel is required at your facilities, you will assume the costs of transportation, acommodation and maintenance and the working hours (with a maximum of 10 hours worked per day)

Equipment return:

If the reason of the devolution has nothing to do with the client (wrong delivery), ByDEMES, S.L. will refund.

Client has 15 working days after receiving the equipment, to return it. An invoice copy is required.

The return of an equipment is payed by the client. ByDEMES, S.L. only accepts products with the original packaging, in perfect condition, with all the accesories , manuals, cable, etc.)

The equipment reception will be checked by us for a period of 10 days to verify the status. There’s not going to be any refund in case of damage of the equipment or the original packaging.

In those cases that the product is not accepted, ByDEMES, S.L. will return the product by client expenses.

ByDEMES, S.L. will do everything necessary to refund the customer as quickly as possible the material, since the repayment period will depend on the technical examination of the material received.

Warehouse equipment:

If desired merchandise conditionally shall be made a written request stating: reason, duration, and order number.
By DEMES, S.L. reserves the right to accept or deny the request. Once the application is accepted , the item must be returned in the stipulated time and in perfect condition . It should include all the original documentation and all the accesories in original internal packaging. To preserve the original packaging, must always be transported inside another protective packaging. Failure to make the return within the stipulated period will proceed to their billing, will be charged to order number indicated in the application . Failure to return the goods in perfect condition the charge equivalent to the damage of each case will be billed .

Undeliverable conditional replacement materials for the repair of failed equipment . The warranty does not cover equipment replacement equipment for repair.
By DEMES, S.L. has a limited stock of units to be sold during the repair of failed equipment . If theres not a unit just like the faulty, will be offered the most similar to those available. The fixed cost of the repo rate will be 10 % of the list price of the assigned , regardless of the duration of the repair, or if repair or warranty or not in the final cost of the repair team .

By DEMES, S.L. not be liable , directly or indirectly , of information stored on hard drives, memory cards , Pen Drive, and all future support that serves for storage of videos , pictures and any other information ; any of these storage media sent to the technical department, can be deleted for a full testing with other materials, without being accountable for the loss of information or data to By DEMES , S.L.


General Provisions :

Prices shown are prices without tax who are always paid by the buyer. Displayed prices are “ Wholesale Prices Public” .

In the event that the client is not aware of payment , you will lose all your warranty rights and delivery of material, which will be restored will be suspended when the customer pays the amount due and the return postage on his could have and timely incur default interest. Ownership of the products will not be up to the customer who has not made ​​the payment of invoices .

By DEMES , SL in no event be liable for any direct or indirect, or lost profits or anticipated savings arising from the use of our equipment damage. By DEMES S. L. reserves the right to change schedules, specs and prices of its products without notice. References , descriptions and prices are indicated for typographical or printing errors .

All specs and Features of the products are subject to change without notice.

DOA Warranty conditions :

DOA ( Dead On Arrival) , is the handling and replacement of a defective item (*) for cases in which the present material a manufacturing defect during the first 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE .

* We always send the same material, allways provided by the same material in our warehouse, if otherwise is replaced by an equal or superior model .

Procedure for DOA managing:

Fill in the form to process the DOA (available on our website : ), filling all fields (all fields are required). After filling in the form (*) will be shipped within 24/48h material replenishment.

* In case you can not provide the number of the invoice date shall be taken as beginning the day after the order is placed .

Packing material with all accesories, original packaging and manuals and protected (we recommend introducing the material into a box and shrink). If the original packaging Noner use packaging material replacement).

Write the number of DOA generated by the website, on the outside of the box, along with the shipping address and follow the submission process.

Once received and tested the product does not meet the conditions specified in DOA Annex customer for breach of DOA will be informed and the product will be returned freight collect.

Indicative DOA conditions :

- The product must be complete (packaging, CDs , cables , batteries , manuals, hardware , etc. . ) . If you do not have the original packaging , use packaging material replenishment.

- The packaging must not have any physical damage or transport stickers or markings and must be original; for this purpose the housing insert material within another box to put the stickers on the outside of transportation necessary .

- The product shall have all the original Components .

- The DOA must be handled within 30 days from the date of invoice.

- DOA material will not be accepted if the product is damaged by improper use, breakage, physical damage of any kind whatever they motivate their malfunction or damage caused by overload or thunderstorms.

- Material wont be accepted if the product has no DOA number. Any replacement material will not be sent if these procedures are not followed correctly.

- DOA wont be accepted for any of the grounds mentioned in paragraph “Exceptions for DOA “ for materials sold byDemes SL

- The “DOA “ is subject to the right of the same process , the verification of the material by the service and can not be requested in the event of misdirection , error order and / or incorrect processing .

- Manipulation, modification or repair of any product or part, by the end user or any service provider not authorized by byDemes .

- Improper installation or use of the product outside the specifications and recommendations of the manual, or damage from bumps, drops , liquid spills or accidents.

- Assigning a DOA number does not mean the final acceptance of the guarantee . This acceptance is final only after verification of the material in the technical By DEMES , SL department.

Exceptions for DOA. The DOA warranty is null and void under the following circumstances:

- Returning product by other means than those specified in the DOA warranty.

- The shipment of the material without the DOA number, original box ( in perfect condition) or lack of accesories of the original packaging .

- All material submitted with unidentified DOA No. assigned .

- The material sold as outlet is not subject to the DOA warranty.

- Shipping conditions . As a condition precedent to the DOA warranty , must :

- Get a DOA number , for which you must fill the document from the website:

- The number must be on a DOA enclosure or the shrink-wrapped box, “ NEVER “ on the original case material.

- It has 10 business days to ship the material from assignment # of DOA.

- All material sent to byDemes with unidentified corresponding DOA number will be rejected.

Evaluation of the defect:

By DEMES , SL technical Support determine whether the defective equipment is covered or not by the DOA warranty, otherwise , it will notify the client . The costs arising from the cancellation or non-acceptance of the DOA, shall be borne by the customer.

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