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Referentie DEM-545 Model DEM-545

ABS base for lamp-type column DEM-537

Referentie DEM-580 Model DEM-580

Heater of 12 / 24V or 12V double power, 250/250/500 mA. For columns DEM-537, DEM-538 and DEM-541.

Referentie DEM-579 Model DEM-579

Thermostat for high temperatures

Referentie DEM-576 Model DEM-576

Cable organizer for columns (10 pieces)

Referentie DEM-542 Model DEM-542

Accessory for double-sided columns that enables placing a luminary (low-energy bulb, not included) on the upper side by camouflaging the security system and providing a pleasant aesthetics. Accessory for double-sided columns that enables placing a

Referentie DEM-097 Model DEM-097

Spare of the upper cover. For the models: DEM-098 /099 /02 /04

Referentie DEM-09 Model DEM-09

Anti-climbing system with springs that increase tamper contact resistance. To avoid false alarms in case objects with a weight less than 15/20 Kg. are on it. For column models: DEM-098 /099 /02 /04

Referentie DEM-06 Model DEM-06

Mounting support on wall / footwall. Mounting base of the following columns: DEM-098 /099 /02 /04. Die-cut plate to ease the wiring on both sides of the column. Mounting system not included. Approx. weight: 3Kg

Referentie DEM-05 Model DEM-05

Mounting support of column base. Mounting base plate for DEM-098 /099 /02 /04. Designed for fixing dado-bolster in concrete. Mounting nuts and bolts of the included column base, washers, stainless self-locking nuts

Referentie DEM-092 Model DEM-092

Polycarbonate cover spare part, 3 meters height. For models: DEM-202 /094 /04

Referentie DEM-091 Model DEM-091

Polycarbonate cover spare part, 2 meters height. For models: DEM-201 /03 /02

Referentie DEM-213 Model DEM-213

Spare of the upper cover. For the models: DEM-238 /237 /201 /202

Referentie DEM-08 Model DEM-08

Bi-metallic thermostat. Under low temperature, it establishes contact and the heater starts to work until reaching the right temperature. At least one thermostat per column shall be used. Compatible with every column sold b

Referentie DEM-07 Model DEM-07

Heater 12V /250 mA. Under extreme temperatures, one per device is recommended (Tx / Rx). For assemblies at 24V, a mounting of 2 units in series is recommended. Compatible with every column model sold by By DEMES

Referentie DEM-241 Model CHAPAS

Barrier mounting panels, 2 beams on column (Units.) - Barrier mounting panels, 2 beams on column (Units.)

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