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Referentie PAR-213 Model PS45

Supervised power supply of 75W (box) Can work as autonomous.

Referentie PAR-212 Model PS25_METALBOX

Supervised power supply module (2.8 Amps) in metal box.

Referentie PAR-211 Model ZX82

Expansion module of 8 zones. Compatible with Spectra, Magellan and Digiplex Evo alarm control panels. It is delivered in ABS plastic box. EN50131 of Grade 3.

Referentie PAR-210 Model PGM82

Module of 8 outputs of PGM relay of 4A. Compatible with Spectra, Magellan, Digiplex Evo and Swan alarm centers from Paradox. Activation of manual outputs, programmed to follow events or from the add Insite GOLD. It is delivered in ABS plastic box.

Referentie PAR-115 Model AWO003

High quality small box for MG5000, MG5050, SP4000, SP5500 and SP6000

Referentie PAR-11 Model TK278

Anti sabotage switch for PARADOX PAR-2 and PAR-36

Referentie PAR-68 Model HUB2

Hub and Bus Isolator. Compatible with SPECTRA PLUS and EVO

Referentie PAR-121 Model CV4USB

RS-485/RS-232 converter for central to Pc connection (up to 300 meters)

Referentie PAR-71 Model BTM50

Demo briefcase with SP4000 + le dkeyboard + LCD keyboard with receiver via radio + touch keyboard

Referentie PAR-17 Model ZX8SP

8 zone extender module + 1 PGM output. Only compatible with SpectraPlus™ and magellan™ range.

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