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Referentie SAM-4618 Model LP-ADV-PK-01

Management license for parking . License per channel. Capacity control Control of permanence and maximum time allowed. Control of shared places.

Referentie SAM-4617 Model LP-TMP-LIST-01

Temporary list management licenses. License per channel.

Referentie SAM-4619 Model LPM-001

License for 1 LPM channel, license plate management compatible with cameras with integrated LPR. Compatible with SAM-4528 (VIM-LPM2), SAM-4529 (VIM-LPM-PK2) and SAM-4620 (SV-LPM).

Referentie SAM-4542 Model SCAN-V-REC

1 extra DVR extension license for SAM-4540 (SCAN-V-SERVER)

Referentie SAM-4541 Model SCAN-V-USER

1 extra user extension license for SAM-4540 (SCAN-V-SERVER).

Referentie SPECIAL-DT-002 Model SPECIAL-DT-002

2 channel license for analisys, detection and monitoring (DT) valid for SPECIAL-DT-4 devices.

Referentie SAM-4491 Model V4-DDO-001

License for 1 channel of double detection with Optex sensor. For SAM-4489 (DDO-CPT) and SAM-4490 (DDO-SV) devices.

Referentie SAM-4470 Model DCENTR-SUP

DataCenter anual system support. 1 year.

Referentie SAM-4469 Model DCNTR-USR

Datacenter extra user license.

Referentie SAM-4468 Model DCNTR-FEED

Device license for extra counting (data feed).

Referentie SAM-4426 Model V4-VVO-001

License for 1 video channel verification with Optex sensors for SAM-4425 devices (CPT-VV-OPT)

Referentie SAM-3395 Model V4-STATS-011

Local statistics license. Hourly IN/OUT. Weekly and Monthly IN/OUT. 2 or more camera comparison. Sum of two or more cameras.

Referentie SAM-4421 Model V4-LPRS-001

License for 1 LPR analisys channel compatible with LPR cameras

Referentie SAM-4275 Model V4-DT-DUAL-001

License for 1 channel of dual thermal analisys (includes 1 channel thermal and visible evidence)

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